24 April 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Secondary Schools Moto-x

Hey guys Peter Smit here. Like many others from around the country I recently attended the Western Heights MotoX. The secondary school tournament was held on the Horohoro race track in Rotorua which has also recently hosted a round of the senior nationals.

This was set on a Friday so automatically drew huge support from the school boys and girls who wanted to give motocross racing a go.

The day gave a great opportunity for those who were new to racing as no MNZ competition licences were needed. So with the regulars and also those new to racing many of the eight classes held a full gate
and we were set for a big day. The track preparation was perfect and the weather also played its part producing a track which may be the best it has ever been.

Race of Attrition


Race 1 was quite delayed with many tasting the Rotorua soil. It was midday before I found myself lining up for the 15-18y 250f class, off to a slow start I worked my way through the pack reeling in Scotty Canham who had taken the lead. Getting a bit close to a marker saw me lose my front brake and having to settle for second as I coasted around the last few laps.

With the help of Richie Ebbett from motoSR my CRF250r was back on the start line for race2. Similar to race 1 I was off to a bad start catching the gate and struggling to pull in that 1st position, finishing up 2nd.
In the final moto I was able to get my start together and was running with the leader early in the moto but again was unable to make the move, in the end finishing 2nd overall for the day.

Spoils to the victors


Congratulations to, Scotty for coming back from injury and taking the win in my class, as well Josiah Natzke for winning both 12-14y 125cc and 13y under 85cc, Bill McCulloch for taking out the 14-16y 85cc, and Ryan Thomspon for winning the 15-18y 125cc.

Overall it was a great day had by all and it was the locals, the Western Heights High School who took out top honours of the secondary schools competition.

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