3 February 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Skidding in the Sand

Top NZ MX rider Johnny Phillips came down for the ride at the latest Palmy road trip to hit some new tracks and help make the SX series possible for Broxy by driving the van home.

Two in one special

He got his wish with choice of tracks, loving the sand at James Andersons place while Peter coached Zac and Cameron before they up and moved to Hamish Clausen’s property closer to Fielding. The session turned out to be a cracker with five quick riders battling out the skills and pushing their own boundaries.

Sandbox sessions

Murdochs2 A very hospitable night was spent back at the Andersons in their sleep out before an even bigger group due to some last minute additions and while Jay Langlands would have been better off in the session the day before it was a welcome relief for the rest of the riders to learn the skills to help make life much easier in the sand.

The last session was with three riders including Tylah Wind and Max Hefferen. This was preparation for Woodville and about as good as it gets due to the difficult conditions, especially with Woodville set to be a wet morning for the juniors so while not so fun it turned out very profitable and great to spend time coaching some of these kids for the first time, surely not the last either.

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