25 June 2019 / Broxy Coaching

Slippery Ground- Auckland

This is the dead of winter so it is inevitable that you will face skatey conditions. These conditions would make most people feel nervous, so I would like to share with you some of the key things that helped my students in Auckland make some serious progress.

All Aboard

I really had to crack the whip when it came to keeping at least one foot on a peg if at all possible. It might have seemed like cruel punishment to the riders, but they soon found out how much it helps. The serious threat of push ups were usually enough to keep them from taking both feet off the pegs and I can only hope that it felt as good as it looked.

Cooper must have felt it, because after that he was brave enough to trust me for the even bigger challenge of powering through a slippery section in no uncertain manner. With more noise and smoke coming from the bike he was able to get through the bad section with hardly any sliding at all.

Head First

Troy was able to put another scary skill into practice, that of having his head past the handlebars while powering down a slippery straight. Scary is precisely the word because it is so natural to get your weight back in this situation.

By riding with his head past the handlebars he was finding the balance point. I’m sure it felt like he was extremely forward but it looked so good, and definitely worked a treat. It was like he was now leading the bike, rather than fighting it, and suddenly the slippery ground didn’t look slippery any more.

These things combined with riding in the higher gears are all scary things to do, but incredibly effective. You still need to think about where you are going in order to stay straighter through the slippery bits and turn where the traction is, but in general, these things will help you to get where you need to be.

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