16 May 2018 / Broxy Coaching

Group Sessions in Your Town

We (basically) specialize in helping out-of-the-way community groups to up-skill their local riders. Safety is obviously first, but of course a part of that enjoyment comes in those riders getting faster. But don’t be scared, it is still safe so long as they keep practising the skills. Hence how important it is that we do follow up visits.


With the town of Fairlie being close to hotspots like Lake Tekapo, it is growing fast- as is the dirt bike scene there. While those two things are probably not related, I spent a day with their kids and some adults a year ago. It was a great day, followed up by our visit there this month, which looks like it will have to become an annual event.

The locals went out of their way to make sure we had a great training facility. A tractor ripped the dirt and made some jumps and stutters before a quad bike with harrows on the back finished turning the fallow paddock into a prime training ground.

Ready to Race

A little bit of everything and yet in a small area, the impromptu track made my job easy, starting out with some pretty intense flat corner and rut work before moving onto the jumps. The adults made some great headway and the kids had a ball, as proven by the feedback we received afterwards. It was also all recorded and noted on Seesaw, the learning app that is adding buckets of value to our service and hopefully helps the riders refresh the skills they learned so they are more prepared for our next visit.

If your area is not already on our calendar as a place to visit yet there are a bunch of riders needing to up-skill, then make sure you email and ask for us to come. With a few months notice we can pretty much do anything, and your community will be much better off for it.

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