4 December 2014 / Broxy Coaching

Small Town Envy

Slice of Paradise

Slice of Paradise

When you have tracks all around, and a parent in your community willing to make some phone calls, living in “out of the way” can be an advantage to the dirtbike rider. Hidden in the land where the movie “Boy” was set, Wairoa is a case in point.

"How was that?"

“How was that?”

Tough Love

The trip began at near Hastings at Valley road, with a trio of brothers who were keen to have things their way. Recognising early on that I needed their respect, the threat of push ups and the attention of their eyes when I was speaking was key. It seemed like an uphill battle but even they could see that we were making progress and on the way home they even told their mum that the motivation of push ups had been a good idea.
Young Love

Match Made in Heaven

Selina was next along with her son Harry. His bike had blown up and while he was doing well aboard his borrowed WR, he didn’t hesitate for long when I offered him a go on my 2015 bike. At 14 years of age his first comment after having a burn was a good one; “So this is what it feels like to be in love!”

Where Everyone Knows Your Name

With Your Mates

With Your Mates

On the road between Lake Waikeremoana and the east coast town of Wairoa, it definitely qualifies for the term out of the way, but that doesn’t stop a solid team of riders from around this area entering the schools MX races all over the North Island. Neither would its location stop me from visiting. In fact the truth is quite the opposite.

With a country mentality in the area, there are plenty of tracks to choose from, and many of the people know each other which makes organizing a group easier, combined with the idea that they need to make the most of a visiting coach. We were more than happy to oblige.
Lasting Results

Lasting Results

Round and Round

There was a reward for the work put in by the local parent who organised the day, in the form of an invitation for his two boys to participate in our Christmas camp for free. Honestly though I believe him when he says that it was all worth the effort just for the help we were able to give these kids.
The actual session was run on a rotational basis with one group taking a break while I coached the other for around 45 minutes, repeated three times each. We have successfully done it this way with three groups before as well.
Another rider fell in love with one of bikes, the 150RB this time. Air filters were changed on every break after the expected rain the night previous hadn’t amounted to much, and water was quickly consumed. I consented to peer pressure and showed the kids my attempts at wheelies and tripling into a cool whoops section, while the parents put on a feed of sausages for the kids.
As you can imagine we had a great time. The call goes out to any community in a similar boat; get in touch. We will come.

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