1 December 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Smokin at Tga and Toks

Showing Good Form Pre Takeout

The story of Kurt Langford lately has been one of rise and fall, the last from being pushed over a berm by a lapper with the next rise to come as we headed to Tokoroa. It must have felt good to be back riding. While you could tell he had been off the bike he showed glimpses of the speed we know he has, lapping up the bike time once again.

Two committed lady riders were next who were definitely better than they gave themselves credit. Yvette was rarely without a big smile on her face while Sarah processed and progressed to the point of cornering beyond anything she had accomplished before. They were keen to know my thoughts on what bike and set up would suit them best, along with the benefits of knee braces- of which I could point out exactly the spot where I first learned their importance the painful way.

Learning to Tip it In

Rickie McFly

Very similar was the next rider who started out rightly apprehensive of the jumpy track. I remember exactly what it was like the first time I saw all those jumps and the first hour was just slowly building until he had two jumps going and we could help him get him over the rest with no fear. From there his confidence grew to attacking the corners also which should put him in good stead fro the upcoming Summercross- go Nick!

Of course we can’t forget our sessions with Dion and Rickie, so here they are!


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