28 November 2018 / Broxy Coaching

Soaking straight down- Skill

This title sounds like I could be talking about heavy rain, but “soaking straight down” is what can help you power hard as you land jumps and attack rollers. It is like those BMX riders who seem to defy the laws of physics, yet this skill is also awesome on a motorbike. But there are some rules you have to break.

Experience Pays

Auckland seems to be my place for teaching this skill lately, possibly because I have been coaching these guys for so long that they are ready for the next level. Rhys and Blake were some of them, while Aiden was my main man in North Auckland.

The problem is that this is the one time that I recommend your knees go forward while standing. This is so that you can get really low to the bike without your head going back. With your bum almost getting down to the dip in your seat and your neck almost on the handlebars, it is the ultimate “soak”- so long as you are able to recover properly.

Super Smooth

Getting extra low like this means you can keep powering without tugging on the handlebars. The bike simply comes up to you. Then when you recover back up to what most people call a low position, your arms are still bent with knees once again in the skinny part of the bike- making you strong, balanced and ready to attack the next section.

Aiden found them best on the uphill whoops, while it helped Rhys and Blake get on the gas for some hard landings. Time will be the best teacher for them as they make the most of this skill, aside from the coaching sessions we continue to do of course!

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