31 May 2013 / specials

Something New at Fieldays

While some of you may have never done the Fieldays at Hamiltons Mystery Creek, for the rest of us it is always the hope of getting a great deal or seeing something new that gets the excitement level up. Well this year that something new will not actually inside the event, only advertised there. The something ‘new’ is happening just a few minutes up the road at a fun-farm near Hamilton Airport.

The Red Road

The Red Road

Watch and Ride

That “It” is simply a series of one hour sessions at a low price that anyone with a bike can join.┬áSimilar to what we run at the Honda Kids camps, keen students can make the most of being in the Waikato with a $40 session to upgrade their skills and get their adrenaline fix.
Refreshments are available and there is even room to store bikes at the farm to avoid security concerns if required. Simply put your name down on the day or email us when free and we can book you in.

Warm Up

Sessions are happening at 2pm and 3.30pm Wednesday to Saturday, avoiding the often icy start that the Fieldays can supply. So stock up on thermals, pack your gear and we will see you there!

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