20 March 2019 / Broxy Coaching

Southern Savanna


Jordan was blitzing through the bumps and into the turn like a Cheetah, except this was no African Savanna. With the rain pouring down we were struggling to keep umbrellas working, making the effort from all five riders even more impressive.

I had some more fun times at the Southland Motorcycle Club track with my riders the next day, smashing out our sessions on heavy, freshly groomed sand. Whether it was seeing our KDX200 rider do a legitimate whip or helping the already advanced Seth Morrow become even sharper, it was a day to remember. The fact that I managed to squeeze four sessions into daylight hours didn’t hurt either.

Dirtbiker Nursery

We were also spoilt with perfect conditions at the Southern Dirt Bike Riders other track at Jedburgh. I can see why so many people are getting into the sport with such a fun and flowing place to go, and a couple of the locals were there to show us how its done.

The highlight was helping Kyle pick a line and stick to it through a deceptively difficult off camber turn. Backing himself, no matter whether it was the right line or not, he learned to sit early or stand late with all his weight on the outside footpeg with spectacular results that made my trip home even more enjoyable.

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