3 February 2019 / Broxy Coaching

Spotlight- Honda Kids Camp, Rotoiti

You are guaranteed a lot of good things when you have something like 300 riders at a camp. We saw 70 riders go through our coaching sessions, which would be right up there with another record, but perhaps the best part about having that many kids in once place are the games.

To get my daughters into their running races I promised to do it myself, and you may have seen how that ended on my Facebook page. You rightly call it “Running out of Talent”. The badge of honour” on my knee took quite some time to heal, but it was definitely worth seeing my daughters run, not to mention giving us plenty to laugh about.

Swarms of lights flooded the hillside when it was time for Spotlight. Being such a big hill I gave them a full five minutes to hide. Knowing that some would be cheeky enough to hide over the hill and far away I made it my mission to seek them out. Fortunately my friend is something of an expert on torches, lending me what must be the Bazooka of torches. I didn’t get many kids, but there was fear whenever I decided to switch it on.

Above all, once again the real star was Honeymoon Bay. Having the better part of 300 people converging on one beach at end of a days racing might not have been enjoyed by other members of the public who had boated there, but we loved it. One boating family did get their own back though, putting my backflips off the rope swing to shame.

This is definitely the place to be in mid January, so a huge thanks to Greg and the team for making it happen once again.

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