4 February 2020 / Broxy Coaching

Starting Them Right at Rotoiti

His eyes were intently trained in my direction every time I described the next skill. His clothing and riding style told me that he was new to motorbikes, but it wasn’t long before he started riding better than all the rest. His massive improvement showed the power of having the right attitude towards coaching.

The Ultimate Combo

I really do love training people that don’t have much experience on a motorbike. Number one, bad habits are not so ingrained that they take a lot of effort to change, and, number two, the whole experience is scary enough that they are hungry for any skills that make this crazy sport easier. That combination of newness and willingness was quickly proving to be a recipe for success here at Rotoiti.

The Future

I found myself praising Alex as he mastered our short but steep uphill, and praising him again as he mastered how to get down it- and not because of the mere fact that he was able to achieve it. His courage was impressive, but mostly because he was going up and down that hill using the exact riding style that I recommended. He also trusted my judgment in allowing him to do the hill at all.

Life Lessons

He was absolutely loving the lesson and his face lit up every time I had something nice to say to him- which happened to be all I had to tell him because he was so good at listening to my instructions to the group. This was the ultimate in education, something which I hope he will take into other areas of his life. He gained so much from listening to this teacher that I hope it will subliminally help him in listening to his other teachers.

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