29 June 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Storm Chasing with Private Ryan

Private Ryan

Private Ryan

When we had the second day of our FMX camp rained off you would have thought a kid newly on to a KTM65 who had a strong dislike for mud would have had enough. He returned for more at Tokoroa and got drenched again. Then he booked for Patetonga which got cancelled because of a storm.

Would it stay dry for his coaching at Bombay? Get your mask and snorkel out because things are going to get wet!

It started with a one on two at Tokoroa with two riders both classed themselves as no more than average riders. We put them in the same group despite the huge difference in both their age and bike of choice, not to mention their extreme dislike of wet conditions!

Most of the North Island had been hit by a very wet storm the day before so the track was sludgy but rideable and turned out to be great practice for the two riders who said they would be back for more albeit hopefully on a dry track next time.


Come Ryans turn and the rain it did come down in a big way. It didn’t stop the young battler from our starts practice though where he learned to flat change (powershift) through the gears among other starting skills. That next weekend at Taupo he went on to use that skill to get up so much further through the pack that it was Mum insisting that he join us at Patetonga for more of the same medicine!

Unfortunately we timed it for another storm that arrived right on time meaning Ryan and the many others booked for that day at Patetonga had to be postponed. At least this time they all got to stay dry!

Hanging on

Hanging on

James Bond

The final installment of this bad run in the weather saw Ryan follow a half day session we held in the Bombay hills that saw the clouds open once more, this time with Mum and sister in tow.

The half day was a mix of one of the postponed riders from Patetonga joined with Vaughan and his family to make a half day session finally happen, something Vaughan had first started looking towards late last year. The lads rightly found the slippery conditions a challenge but again was perhaps what they needed most. There was one rider loving it though, and for good reason- he was riding a quad! It was incredible to see how the four wheels lap up the slippery conditions, exactly why the configuration makes for an unbeatable combination on the more hilly farms. These guys were fun to coach, each having different strengths and needs so the longer session worked out perfectly until it came time for Ryans turn!

The happy end to the story is that if Ryan still hates riding the mud you wouldn’t know it anymore. After a bit of warming up he started throwing roost out of his rear wheel like a James Bond oil slick and didn’t stop until he even had the jumps sorted despite the slippery track.

It seems that Ryan got exactly what he needed, just wait to see him at the races and see what a difference some coaching in the mud did for him!

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