31 January 2013 / Broxy Coaching

Summer Camps, Rivers and Ramps

Two camps. Both dry. Boring? I don’t think so!

Just Getting Some Fresh Air

Well it may have seemed a bit dull to the casual observer as the smallest hit of all, a hand built dirt jump, was basically all that we hit for the first day and half. However, inside the helmets you would have been show a different story. 
With triple back flipper Jed Middleton building his super ramp in the background, these riders were working hard on their technique and bike control, no doubt with tongues sticking out in concentration and mind a-buzz. We are, of course, talking about our freestyle camp.

Talk to the Foam

The work was paying off when time came to hit the bigger jumps but it was the foam pit that really went off with two riders accomplishing the first big step towards their ultimate dream, bringing their bikes all the way around with enough satisfaction to carry them home and back again.

Then there was Palmy where the majority of riders came from further than 3 hours away. Our two day camp at the Andersons farm basically went like this. Ride the sand track, rest, drink and eat. Ride epic track in the pines, swim and eat. Ride the firmer clay track, hit the natural hill jump for a while then watch Moto 4 with dinner on your lap or head home. Very tired! Spoilt for choice in the middle of the North Island, the close proximity of these tracks allowed for one variable camp!

Summer Goodness

Improvement in rider skill was obvious over the course of both camps, and the riders seemed suitably pleased, the only downers being an ankle and a rather badly broken wrist which we hope will heal quickly. Unfortunately that sometimes comes with the territory.
On and upwards!

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