22 April 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Fighting in South Auckland

Ready for Battle Getting paid to train a couple of hours every day sounds like a pretty good job- although the down side is you may be required to take a bullet if your customer is getting threatened… this is...

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3 January 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Disciples of Dirt

John and James, Paul and Peter. No not the four from Biblical times but a doctor, a business man, one school kid and a motocross coach! This is just one of the groups in a bumper Saturday in Auckland. Putting...

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1 December 2010 / Broxy Coaching

Super X!

Do you know that feeling of being well and truly scared before a ride? During my first 6 months on a motorbike at 13 years old I had a sickness in my gut everytime we drove to the farm that...

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16 September 2010 / Broxy Coaching

Adrenaline in Auckland

[SinglePic not found]The trees of Woodhill are full of surprises. The sand makes for both a challenge and a soft landing, the trees are also a challenge but with able to inflict more damage and flick your wheels out from...

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