23 June 2014 / Featured Events

Fieldays Freebies

It was a full range of new R and X two wheelers that led to our corner of Honda’s tent this year, culminating in the CRF50 that proves irresistible to kids (and some adults), and the apparent pot of gold...

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1 July 2013 / Featured Events

The old and the new

Flying the Flag “Do you ever get a sore hand from signing so many posters?” is a question that will never get old to me. Being able to play the celebrity under the huge Honda marquee for ten full years...

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31 May 2013 / specials

Something New at Fieldays

While some of you may have never done the Fieldays at Hamiltons Mystery Creek, for the rest of us it is always the hope of getting a great deal or seeing something new that gets the excitement level up. Well...

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29 June 2012 / Featured Events

Waikato Fever 2012

There is no show quite like the Fieldays, bringing in people of many walks. From the early days when my Grandfather helped set up the very first one, the Fieldays have exploded into a circus of exhibits, enough to make...

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30 June 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Fieldays Fever

Fieldays Fever There is a strange call coming from Mystery Creek each Winter. It reaches thousands of staunch kiwis each year and invokes a strange, overpowering urge to go shopping despite the stark aversion to anything to do with that word the...

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