1 July 2013 / Broxy Camps

FMX Boot Camp

Tower of Terror Massive foam pit. Metal ramps heading in every direction. And smack bam in the middle, a rocket ship like monument to BMX glory. It is an intimidating spectacle to behold, especially when you know that this is...

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1 January 2013 / Broxy Camps, Broxy Coaching

Boot Camps Galore

Putting skills to the test Normal coaching sessions can often mean two steps forward one day, but with a few months before the next session there is usually also one step back. If you do the maths in our hypothetical...

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29 September 2012 / Broxy Coaching

BRC International

“Its cold up here!” Imagine you are from somewhere outside of NZ. You have wanted to backflip your motorbike ever since you knew it was possible but finding a decent foam pit is just too hard. Why not book a...

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3 May 2012 / Broxy Coaching

FMX Camp Ramps Up

Freestyle motocross a sport of extremes, and more than just in the nineties sense of the word. You may have experienced some of these extremes when you first saw the sport, starting out with a mix of horror and awe...

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1 February 2012 / Broxy Camps

Mix n Match

The sports of Motocross and Freestyle have always been intertwined, never more so than at our week of Tokoroa Broxy Camps. Groomed and naturally watered, the MX track started and ended in pristine condition that screamed for hours of riding...

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