31 May 2013 / Broxy Camps

Boot Camp Central

Idylic Three days of ride, play and sleep, on some of the most idyllic motorcycling and tourist destinations NZ has to offer. This is our version of paradise. The lower South Island offers options for almost any weather type, and...

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1 January 2013 / Broxy Camps, Broxy Coaching

Boot Camps Galore

Putting skills to the test Normal coaching sessions can often mean two steps forward one day, but with a few months before the next session there is usually also one step back. If you do the maths in our hypothetical...

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1 December 2010 / Broxy Coaching

To the ends of the earth

If we aren’t planning on coming to your area, but you are sure you could get a few people together, just let us know! The Bruce family didn’t let our schedule stop them from seeing if Broxy could do a...

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