12 December 2019

Pirini’s Two Day Bootcamp

Two days of non stop riding More concentrated than your normal camp, smaller numbers and more focus. Parents can enjoy the time with no kids or join in! Over nighter All food provided Open to all age groups Cost (includes...

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4 May 2016 / Broxy Coaching

Boot Camp Ballistics

Four of the five riders were on the same best time. They had then beat that once each, but that didn’t count until they could back that effort up. We were going to be riding until dark unless they got it...

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22 July 2014 / Broxy Coaching

Close to Home

There is no place like home. Four days with four riders each, three of those days being a Bootcamp. Two nights in the bunks, with one helper and a bunch of good results. Lazer Fast As is often the case,...

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5 February 2014 / Broxy Coaching

The Dream Summer

Bunch of Monkeys Years of dreaming, months of planning and six weeks of hard work to keep 6-10 ravenous teenager and adult males in food. The training was the easy part. Yet we would never want it any other way....

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5 January 2014 / Broxy Camps

The Broxy Academy Begins

Evan Stevens It was finally here. After months of anticipation we had our first crew of six riders ready to start what could be the most productive riding experience of their lives. As is so often the case, we really...

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2 December 2013 / Broxy Coaching

Dad’s Army

Help! “When I picture Dads riding, I think of riders muscling their bike around the track. By the end of todays session you should be riding safer and faster, with less effort.” A blunt generalization? Certainly. It was also straight...

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