2 August 2013 / Broxy Coaching

Tightening North Islands Belt

Let Nothing Stand In Your Way Darkness and snow envelop the van as its lights struggle on the Desert Road. Inside I am toasty, enjoying the sugar rush of an icecream that is helping me get the last hour or...

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3 April 2013 / Broxy Coaching

Over East

We do our fair share of travelling as we aim to cover the country every three months.  This time around we began on the North Island East Coast at Darren Hills track in Wairoa, joined by both Kieran Scheele and...

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1 December 2012 / Broxy Coaching

Wairarapa Mud and Dust

The title above is not entirely correct. The private track where we held our first session just minutes from the Moonshine track, 30 minutes north of Wellington was not mud at all as Mark and Patrick were back for more. 

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