2 November 2019

Whangarei Club Coaching Day

Whangarei MCC are holding a club day with Broxy for all level riders. Saturday, 2nd November Time slots: 9.00am 11.30am 2.00pm Riding is tailored to the individuals. Book in for one or two sessions. All Club Coaching will be group...

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2 March 2013 / Featured Events

Waiotira and Hamilton HKC

All of these events sometimes have a way of intertwining with each other, but the Camps each have their own personality. We will be back Small Steps Somewhere south west of Whangarei lies the northern-most camp on a farm near...

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3 June 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Northern Families

We hadn’t seen the Searle family this year so far, one of favourite northland hutches. We started coaching them on fairly small bikes so to see them sign up as riding CRF250’s gave us the wide eye. They must be...

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28 February 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Whangarei Hit and Run

With the Waiotira Honda Kids Camp the same weekend as round one of the nz mx nationals things were always going to be tight, but it would be rude not to make the most of the trip! Ross Taylor is...

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27 July 2010 / Broxy Racing

Dash for Cash!

Few titles describe its event in just three words this well. I had no idea what to expect so gleaned what knowledge I could from the locals. Basically this is a drag race from start to finish, traffic lights and...

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