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Tahiti Travels

Nov news 2014 28Sometimes an extra special opportunity comes along that makes what we do that much cooler. One such opportunity was when the Motorcycling Federation of French Polynesia asked if we knew anyone keen and available to race in the Pacific Cup on the 18th & 19th October. So the word went out. With flights and accommodation all provided for and the opportunity to race in such a beautiful place as Tahiti, it’s no wonder the response we received was overwhelming.

Nov news 2014 29In the end we managed to narrow it down to three riders – Scott Canham, Maximus Purvis & Joel Meikle. Below is Scott’s take on this amazing adventure.

Nov news 2014 30Well for those of you that don’t know I’m home again after my awesome adventure in Tahiti. Wooow! What amazing people there. Super friendly!! And the most nicest people ever!! They would do anything for there friends and loved ones, and they were very kind to take care of us all. I would like to thanks Peter Broxholme for choosing me to embark on this journey with Joel Meikle¬†and Maximus Purvis.

Nov news 2014 33Friday we went to a small press conference where we meet all the riders then after we went to test our bikes were we stayed all day trying to dial in the YZ250f. Then Saturday was day one of racing where I ended up 2nd overall in mx1 from finishing 4th, 3rd, 2nd. Only spewed twice…… Ha. It was awesome.

Unfortunately mine and Joel’s riding came to an end after 3 races out of 6, as Joel and I were sharing this old bike, it was pushed past it’s braking point and seized on the third to last lap of Joel’s 4th race in mx2. He had just made it into second as well. We tried everything we could to make it back on the line with another bike but couldn’t pull it off.

Nov news 2014 32But the temperature man wow! We were racing in 45 degrees of pure heat!! Was unreal ay! Sunday was a lot better as it only got to 39 degrees. ONLY! Then after the racing we had Monday to relax (and get burnt!) Then Tuesday was prize giving and Wednesday morning we fly home. Hopefully next time we have more time to spend with our new good friends from Tahiti.
So I say thank you again to everyone.”

Great work guys, and an extra congratulations to Maximus for winning all of his races, except the one where the spokes almost completely  let go on his CR85. He still won the overall though and proved that he can handle the pressure of winning in a foreign country!

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