2 March 2017 / Broxy Coaching

Taranaki Bliss

I had been told about a flowing natural terrain track on undulating ground not far from my friends place, and he seemed pretty confident that it would be good for coaching. But I wasn’t prepared for this.

It’s not often that you roll up to a new venue to be greeted with dark lines of freshly groomed soil, yet it has happened to me twice in the last two months, this one located in Taranaki of all places.

Good grass growing soil also seems to make good motocross tracks, which is why I am always so surprised when I see a perfectly good dairy cow paddock carved up like this. Hey, there are plenty of untouched dairy farms in the country, so the odd exception is more than welcome.

Fatherly love goes a long way, made even easier to justify when you see how quickly the farmers kids improve because of having a good track to ride after school.

For us, this one will make a great alternative when the Barrett Road venue gets a bit wet over winter. It is not really a step down from that track either.

They can rip it because the soil is not going to wash away, making for soft soil that you can form however your skills allow. We like flowing ruts around the inside of turns so, along with the help of top riders like Larry Blair we made some good’uns.

Probably the best skill that we discovered here was to stand most of the way through the more difficult ruts. Sure, I use that skill a lot, but every level of rider seemed to benefit from it. Just move your feet back on the pegs when you don’t need to adjust the gears or rear brake lever, and hunker down real close to the bike.

Aside from the primo lines, there are two obstacles that really made our day. Set side by side, you head uphill for a single followed by some rollers, and then back down again for a primo tabletop. Scrubs and whips were obviously on the cards, but jumping style and preload also came into play. The Loveridge boys and Jessie Wickham took to this like ducks to water.

If some training at this kind of a track sounds like something you would be interested in then just let us know. There is no need to be nervous about riding a place like this, but there is plenty of reason to be excited.

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