3 May 2012 / Broxy Coaching

Tararua to Taranaki

Zoom in to the western foothills of the Tararua ranges and you will find the Stewarts farm, where seven keen young riders met Broxy for round two of our Broxy Coaching sessions.

Keen Beans

White fencing standards marked a loop that got hammered practically from dawn to dusk as skills were taught, practiced and then thrashed. The lads gained and displayed skills and courage on the slippery corners, logs and small jumps while mums and dads watched on somewhat bemused. Unfortunately I couldn’t stick around  but really enjoyed the time with this energetic crowd.

An hour or so later Stevie-Lee and the Jillings brothers had a refurbished Cvitanovichs track to enjoy while I was soon drilling them in their jumping, ruts and starting skills. Zac is becoming something of a standout on his KTM 65 with his regular coaching showing in a very flowing, smooth riding style.

Onto The Naki

The Wanganui club once again supported their locals with a great venue where young riders alternated sessions with no escape from becoming a better rider. Cullen Hurley kicked us off on the right foot and the sessions continued with Connor getting the prize for smashing his previous best laptimes. The day was one of those rare occasions that you never take for granted. We were blessed with hardly a breath of wind to go with the million dollar views.

Future and Past Champions

Four sessions a day was the case once again at our friendly Barrett Road track of New Plymouth where some young riders had their go at the big track and one expert joined us again, following up on a session that surprised him a few months before. Larry Blair is one of those under-rated heroes you might not hear much about, but in this case has a number of national titles from many different countries to his name. A new father, he is willing and able to both win and learn.

There were many others but time would fail us, except to show our appreciation to all three of these great moto areas, and their clubs!


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