1 April 2011 / Broxy Coaching


With Broxy’s track being similar in soil conditions to the venue for this years junior nationals at Tokoroa it was a perfect place for some top riders to get some last minute lessons.

But first it was a father and daughter pair of Peter and Zoe met for a one on two at Tauranga to up their skills to get the most of their riding together. They seemed to have a great time carving up the sandy soil and by the feedback that Dirt Rider Downunder Magazines Paul Lance passed on to us from them- “they absolutely loved it. They learnt heaps!”

Stepping up

Shanon and Scott went for it on their turn and made for another fun session, impressing Broxy on the step up with their quickly improving jumping skills, trying to get their head over the front of the bike. Ryan Douglas followed, his first proper coaching session after having done many camps. His assessment included a decision on whether he is ready to race or not- and Broxy says yes he is, especially after surviving the stern side of a lesson on braking!

Business man in the making

Some incredible organizing for a young guy saw Sean arrive with his dad and another CRF150R. This is one industrious kid having saved up for the bike himself and got this whole training day organized. Without ever having recieved coaching before he had awesome style so we worked on ruts and confidence jumping in preperation for the upcoming Junior Nationals.

Never too good to learn

Finally it was a top rider who we helped a couple of times during the month. Kurt Langford is someone Broxy feels he is taking under his wing a bit, a fellow M-Spec rider who Mark Scoby helps out. Look out for his name at the top of the 12-14 years 125cc class at the nationals this month. The first session was trying to get him leaning into corners with the bike by not sitting on the outside edge of the seat which really helped his rut traction. The second session Broxy discovered that the reason he can’t sit down early for corners and has to sit quite far back on the seat is he needed to get used to using the rear brake without having that foot on the peg if he is sitting down. After a sprint session with Broxy pressuring him at the end he was fizzing so lets hope that carrys on for the nationals!

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