3 May 2014 / Broxy Coaching

Busy Weekday in Taupo

Ready To Rail

Ready To Rail

Taupo is the hub of MX in the central north island, and there was no shortage of riders keen to make the most of some sweet rain. But with so many riders, we need lots of sessions, so first up it was young Cody having one hour by himself, getting his gears and braking sorted on the start straight, before smashing those skills out on the mini track.

Playing Favorites

Xavier and Jacob were next, one from Gisborne and the other just down the road from my place. It was good to be working with Xavier again, especially now that he is on a bigger bike. We got him clearing the double no problems once he stayed low to the handlebars for the landings, which was very satisfying, as was Jacob on the big track aboard his 65. While the step up was not conquered by Jacob on this day, it won’t be long.

Lisa's Other Flight Lessons

Lisa’s Other Flight Lessons

While I wouldn’t want to suggest favoritism, Lisa and Gerard are right up there on my list, joined by Jay. What puts them up there? It is the enthusiasm. Gerard is especially keen, which makes him a great person to hang around. It also helped him nearly nail the DAM jump, so next time his mission will be to clear it completely, and then learn those whips he is so keen on.

Self Help

For our massive fourth session, “coaching program” Joel was joined by his brother Frank, who is no slouch by any means. Natural talent combined with a few tweaks on my part got us halfway there, finishing them off with some work in one of the longest ruts I have seen in a while. Joel topped it off by extending my “patient power” technique all the way to the point of entering at ridiculous speeds, and getting away with it. Most of the time. Just what we like to see.

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