2 August 2018 / Broxy Coaching

Taupo – Ashleigh arrival

“How are contractions now?” “Ok.”…… “Contractions?” “Ok… thanks.”….. “You’ll get sick of me asking but how are they now?” When your wife has been having contractions since 2am and still sends you away for work, two hours drive away, I think you have a right to be nervous. Knowing she is also tough and stubborn enough to not tell me the full story meant that I was asking about her every hour, and the deal was that she had to be honest with her replies!

I had originally cancelled the first coaching session but knowing we had already postponed this session once, we decided to give it a go. It meant we had less time than usual, but I was praying that he would get just as much out of the shorter time as he would on a normal session. Despite an injury Carlos was motivated to learn, with some specific requests that we hit hard.

Next up was the Grieve family in what turned out to be a great prelim for the Bootcamp. We planted the seed for David to use less throttle in the first half of ruts to help him stay in them. Matt worked on his ability to move around on a bike that was quite big for him, and I helped Aiden to conquer the last jump he had to learn- the Centre Point tabletop. Seeing him nail it perfectly was quite the buzz, even for me.

The emergency phone call hadn’t arrived yet but I merged them with my last session for some start practice just to save time. It actually helped both groups as we had quite the line up for them to compete against. Dan’s 450 might have been an unfair advantage but that didn’t stop the others from giving him some solid competition for the holeshot.

Daniel was keen to continue his whip work from our session earlier that week, but I began by really getting stuck in to their ability to handle kickers first. We did do some whip work but the biggest revelation was getting them to stand extra low to the bike through some rough turns. Daniel and Ben were truly blown away with how effective it was, describing it as riding like the pros and discovering how the top guys could ride so fast.

Finally the text came, “Maybe finish up coaching at 5? Just had a bad one”. I didn’t need to be told twice. Driving home was a good test of patience and I tried to not ruin my testimony any further, but I arrived at the birthing clinic to a nice greeting from a Sarah that was still in one piece. Ashleigh Eden Broxholme arrived at 11.45pm on July 12th, narrowly avoiding Friday the 13th. It was a very special moment, and I was certainly glad that she waited long enough!

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