2 February 2018 / Broxy Coaching, Track review

Taupo Track Review

Taupo could well be called the hub of motocross in the North Island. This month it also shared its magic with a bunch of south islanders who used it in between some big events, helping them with jumping confidence, ruts and more.

Prepared for Blast Off

Our time with Ben Harris and Ben Wall at Taupo started with some focused turning time. Getting the right moment to lean forward was key to good turning and then hard power. Either that or standing through some of the more open turns until ready to power hard. Ben Wall had this second skill down to an art, looking totally dialed in to the track.

Ben Harris had the big buzz of mastering every jump on the track for his first time. Much of it he did himself, leaving him a very happy man. The beauty of these jumps is that while some of them are quite big, most of the upramps don’t develop kickers and they all have long, safe landings.

A “Good” Sore

This track also makes for good ruts. One in particular was almost handlebar scraping material. The Corsons and Jordans, this time having travelled up from Christchurch, eventually mastered standing through the rut until the exit, just taking gentle weight off their inside footpeg through the most intense part. But it was the sawdust where we spent most of our time.

This feature has been copied by a number of tracks around NZ. Forming whoops of many different shapes and sizes it demands good technique. Watching Maximus Purvis launch through it on his 125 is inspiring stuff. Helping these guys stand more over the front and then move further back was key, standing taller when forward and lower when back. All of this while bending more at the waist. Even though they were starting to feel it in their lower backs after a while, there was no doubt that the skills were helping and that this would pay off in many other areas as well.

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