31 July 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Taupo Twenty Eleven

Cold start

Picture water ruts, bumps, murky brown ponds in the sawdust pit. Negative degrees Celcius in irrepressible fog. Then start up the bike in your little nightmare, roll on the throttle and let adrenaline take over- you are in Taupo my friend so you might as well enjoy it.

Look Out, You Might Enjoy Yourself

The track actually wasn’t too bad if you found the right lines. The ‘Dam’ jump was a good example where its name could get quite literal if you didn’t roll it first time around. A rather large pond took up everything but the right hand side of the landing.

Josh Masemann was on his new ride and along with Rhys Wheatley ran the track in for us, loosening up as the coaching continued and looking pretty good both that day and the next, definitely getting more out of their throttles than they had been before.


Breaking Off the Cobwebs

That next morning Kurt Langford was first to get his cheeks chilled. While he certainly was cold it was going to take much more than some icicles to wipe the smile off this boys face, especially after absolutely nailing the outside berm after Centerpoint. Just check out the pics. 

Quick learner

That day included making it up to Xavier and Reece for last months rescheduling. After hitting the big track hard the boys then went on to have an extra hour aboard their 65’s getting shown some of the secrets that Brodie Connolly had recently used to smash his track record, look out Labour Weekend!

Lining Up

Because we were coaching the first two days of school holidays we had company in the form of Dion Picard, Ryan Webley and Jayden, all of whom were just there to ride. The two younger ones had not been advised that we were coming which means next time we are coming to Taupo the emails will have to include Aucklanders as well- they wanted to join in! Jayden joined our minis session and showed he was in the right place, footing it hard with Saxon while Dylan and Cole battled on their 65’s. Unfortunately Ryan had to miss out this time- and this time it was dry!

We will be back again next week for anyone keen, we can’t guarantee it will be warm and dry- the only thing you can count on is that you will have fun and learn loads which is what its all about right?


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