3 August 2010 / Broxy Coaching

Tauranga Ladies Day

Ladies are go!

Back at the Broxy track were a full group of ladies. Unlike most of these sessions the majority of these ladies were doing a refresher course having done coaching with Broxy before. Starting with riding the clutch for all levels we could get into cornering and front braking in no time at all. There was some real heat in the front disks before long, these girls know how to stop!

Sarah had been busy doing some baking, the ladies able to enjoy herb buns and chocolate before we all headed down to the track. All we had worked on earlier was put to the test very quickly, the track proving a challenge and and loads of fun by the sounds of the noise these girls were making.

It wasn’t long before the girls were keen to learn how to handle the jumps, finding the front dropping very quickly and keen to get some help which is what we do best.

The key

In a nut shell we gave their arms a bend and straightened the legs a bit which caused some improvement straight away. Then of course we got their movements right so they could get up and down hill with no effort on handlebars- something that will take time to perfect of course.

Apart from one down hill slide it was mostly success, especially with the rain holding out until the very end so we only got drenched on the way home. It was a good test of ladies doing their second or third session and saying they were getting it better every time. Check out this video for a quick look Tauranga Broxy Ladies Day.

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