1 August 2013 / Broxy Coaching

Team Broxy’s Balding Badgers (Taupo Coaching)

The Good Getting Better

The Good Getting Better

We don’t spend nearly enough time coaching at Taupo. Which is strange because with sessions like what we had this week, we should be there every month!

It was a bit of a push to get there, having landed in Auckland just after midnight that morning and starting in the frosty fog at 9am. It turned out there was one unhappy party, but fortunately that was not the riders.

In Unchartered Territory

In Unchartered Territory

Instructing the Wise

So while two bikes couldn’t handle the cold and decided they had had enough, that didn’t stop any of these tough riders. That could have been due in part to the massive combined experience pool that they haev between the five of them. A bike shop owner, trails company owner, suspension business owner and motorcycle tyre importer to name a few. Then there was Des, who has probably done three times as many hours as I have ever done on a bike. Which begs the question, how am I to teach them anything?

Free Rider

Free Rider

Fortunately, they did learn. Seemingly a lot. If the feedback we were told and emailed is anything to go by. Plus those improvements you could see in their turns, straights, and jumps. Like Ritchie who suddenly started clearing both the Dam and Center Point jumps for the first time. Very, very cool.

The Best Medicine

Then there was group two who, while much less experienced, also came out with rave reviews. We started things easy with how to use the clutch for a stall and wheelie free start every time. The rest of the program could then follow and it was a buzz to see them doing things they never thought possible, like Scott riding a true-blue MX track, and Lisa who began getting some serious airtime, having been riding a grand total of three weeks. Ever. Really makes a coach feel good that does.

I really had a ball working with these guys and girls and this weary traveler couldn’t have asked for anything better. And below is some of the feedback they gave us since then;


Cheers for the coaching yesterday in Taupo – totally exceeded expectations and had an awesome time! I must admit I was packing myself at the thought of riding on a moto-x circuit…  I did not think I would ever ride on one – ever!  And there was just no way I thought I would be getting some air of those jumps… Learnt heaps so need to get out and do some practice!


Please pass our huge thanks onto Broxy, we had a ball and are all raving about it, we’ve even come up with a team name, hope he likes it (although I’m not sure I’ll be balding anytime soon)!
If you can email through the photos of us doing our MASSIVE jumps that’d be awesome.
So I had Broxy Rider coaching.. As Pete supports me and my great suspension, I wanted to do the same and learn more to help me better understand how to ride properly. I can ride ok.. but one can always learn.

Broxy.. New respect bro. Ur a great dude. who is just too busy! I do hope your knees get better soon. U looked tired.
Cornering with our arms straight and butt forward on the seat was awesome. I had to move my front brake lever more flat and push the forks through the clamps a bit more. This was great.. Then the Sherco broke.. anyway.. easily fixed.
I found the crouching low position taxing on my body.. but enjoyed the maneuverability and readiness this inspired in my riding.. waay more of a workout but rewarding. I want to get 10 lessons from you mate. I feel as if I know nothing about riding now.. kinda.. you just opened my eyes..

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