15 August 2017 / Broxy Coaching

Second Broxy Adventure Bike Day Testimonial, pics and video

Adventure camp at 52 yrs old on a baby Duke road bike with knobblies NOW THAT’S AN ADVENTURE! !!

Broxy is a Pro 15 years coaching, great easy going guy just wanting to share his skills to the masses.


After 35 years getting back on a bike in the mud at the day long camp was great fun. Straight out some basic skills made my riding next level in seconds. What an awesome venue!! HUGE in lots of ways.

Maybe a converted road bike was pushing things, but it did the trails….and I didn’t drop it once. Skills learnt saved me at leased twice. Broxy showed us how to handle the gravel roads, awesome to be in control.

So gutted the weather shortened the camp but I got so much from my day. Super keen to attend more. HEY BROXY , LET’S DO A STUNT CAMP. I would love to learn wheelie and stoppy skills. Cheers T. youtube “broxysadventureduke” 



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