1 March 2019 / Broxy Coaching

The Benefits of Club Coaching- Taumarunui

“Thanks so much to Broxy for some great coaching for our kids. 10 year old girl on YZ85 and 13 year old boy on YZ125 – the tips and advice you gave reminded them of the importance of technique and position, which has given them even more confidence to ride their bikes in every situation thrown at them. This weekend we attended our first trail ride as a family and we confidently completed over 40km each – boys on the big tracks, girls on the half tracks. We look forward to enjoying many more safe rides in the future.” CM

It is this kind of feedback that I enjoy the most, knowing that we are doing our part in minimizing unnecessary risk for some people that enjoy riding dirt bikes. How do we do that? By getting them together for a morning or afternoon of training.

Going Further

With the internet offering advice and parents that feel like they have enough knowledge to train their children themselves, some people feel it is unnecessary or confusing to participate in an actual coaching session. Videos and parental coaching will certainly help, but regular personal training with a professional coach is pretty much guaranteed to get a person much further.

There are so many personal quirks that can get in the way of good technique, so it takes personal attention from someone outside of their “Circle” to steer them in the right direction. Sometimes a small change in how a problem is addressed will make all the difference, especially when it is coming from someone that they only see for the purpose of training.

New Riders

My goal at sessions like we had here in Taumaranui is to make such a difference in the riders who do participate in a coaching session that their friends who didn’t do the session will notice the difference and want training themselves.

These two riders were one such example, and we look forward to much more of the same in the near future.

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