31 May 2013 / specials

The Grand Final

While Honda has supported the Young Farmers awards for around 30 years, this was the first time we were able to be a part of it. And it turns out we came with a bang.

Young Farmers

Young Farmers

Dinner and a Show

Basically the place was Broxy’d out, with the goal of helping the Honda brand be relevant to the droves of school kids that passed through the Marquee. My job was to instruct and entertain, holding short speaking sessions and even demonstrations aboard the very cool new CRF110 to reward attentive listeners. Surprisingly no one asked if they could do a ‘demonstration’ of their own but I’m pretty sure that I had enough fun for all of us anyway.

Free For All

Having done all that, chilled out on the bean bags watching one of our DVD’s or filled up their pockets with Honda product giveaways the kids seemed to enjoy themselves and we look forward to more of the same at next years event. Hopefully with more rain jackets and less rain…


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