1 September 2011 / Broxy Camps

The Right place

Waves breaking  Out Gisborne there is a strong base of keen local riders, unfortunately we were not hearing from any of them about our next trip across their way. The track we had been using was not in good condition and, seeing as we had not said that we wold be going anywhere new, no one was keen to sign up. Suddenly we got a call from two of the local leaders. With the sound of bikes racing in the background they were saying “If we can get a group together, will you still come?” Not an easy decision when we had written it off but we did not want to disappoint- at 4am the next morning I was on my way!

For our session we had the prime real estate of a track set amongst rolling sand dunes covered in cut down tussock. With waves crashing behind us we got stuck into the two groups, weaving in and out of soft sand, large bumps and grippy grass. These kids were hard chargers that benefited very obviously from the skills, wheels on the ground and off as well.

The last group was one of the toughest I have ever met with.

William was riding a bike not designed for this kind of riding. It led him in and out of the dunes nearly at random. Yet despite countless off track excursions, the more he struggled the less fear he had. Put this kid on a MX type bike and you will see big things, I just hope we get to work with him more.

Xavier going strong  The other standout was Christian Te Amo, a local boy you would swear to be far older than he looked. When teamed with his brother and father they were a riot to be around, funny and extremely friendly but it was his crash that set him apart. On his way back for a drink he was flying when the track claimed him big time and left his bike a revving, smoking mess.

Jumping on my CRF250R he went back out to prove what he was made of. Loving the horsepower and handling of the new machine he went on to finish the session in style with some full throttle starts causing more than a little adrenaline.

Sonny and Xavier were also right in the act while they required less acts of bravery to be impressive. It was thanks to their guardians that the day happened, a real proof of what some forward thinking can provide. See the photos on our pictures page. 

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