2 November 2010 / Broxy Coaching

The two T’s

Back into it

Back into it

Time for some serious training at Tokoroa MCC’s top racing track, Jordan Milsom was back. Like most riders over this wet winter he hadn’t been on a bike much but needed a kick start to get going for the year. Sitting down early to set up for ruts and flat corners was a simple but effective key in keeping his corner speed.

Architect at play

It was great to see Alex again, founder of ACD Architecture and a keen rider who is getting fully ready before he starts racing. But it was our first time with Brent Nelson, a Dad who’s boys we see at the Honda Kids Camps every year. A convert from road racing it wasn’t hard for Broxy to get him into the dirt style- a case of easy to say and hard to get used to?

Broxy also hit the track for some hard laps of his own as you don’t want to waste good riding time!

Wee ones in Tga

The Competition

A few days later down at the Broxy track two wee ones buzzed their way around. Connor Lucas got his 65 singing after Broxy got him cranking up a gear and did some work on the concrete starting pad getting ready for the Huntly Nationals.

Rickie was next and even quieter aboard his TTR50, not from a lack of trying though! He really turned that throttle and kept upping his airtime until he would get a scare, then work his way back up again. If there is ever someone who trusts a coach it is a young one’s which paid off when he sussed the downhill with a fist pump at the bottom every time.

Spread the word

We need to get the locals aboard when it comes to these places so get your name in and enjoy seeing your skills soar with some Broxy coaching soon!

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