31 July 2012 / Broxy Coaching

The Ultimate in Coaching Flexibility

Want to be confident that a small and focused session will happen, even on short notice? We have been pumping out the coaching at Broxy’s track this winter with one to three riders at a time, accomplishing some challenging goals. From ‘simple’ bike control on the ground to being able to handle whatever challenge a jump might throw- this little all weather gem is the place to visit.

Shakil getting sharp

Rapid Fire

There was the incredibly self organised Shakil of Auckland, keen to get some skills and see if he is ready to start racing. After some focused time on the grass we were able to get him on the dirt safely with much more control.

Jared was keen to get the skills he knew he would need to keep up with his trail riding mates for more than five minutes, and from the text we received that night he was amping about the coaching.

Following up on the Matamata session he had with Dylan Ryan’s group was Daniel Alexander who moved from his 85 to the 125, showing loads of talent and just needing some forced relaxation in corners and landing jumps to increase his confidence. 

Bike Setup

Double Up

As a coach, I love the one on ones but it is the one on two sessions where I can double the value by helping twice the people in the same time slot- the same as individual coaching but with more camaraderie, cheaper prices and accountability that will see both riders help each other into their future riding such as Dominic and Finn who worked extra hard as friends, with the latter’s younger brother Darcy getting his special attention in between.

If only I could add video to this part of the newsletter instead of photos, then you could see for yourself the changes we made to the jumping skills of these riders. Nathan and Nadia, individuals from separate sessions who both had issues with the front dropping, along with Jamie and Georgia who we helped avoid straight arms for much more control.

The one scary moment came from Nadia as she went completely over the bars, a result from getting too confident too quick. Fortunately she was not hurt and best of all it was also captured on video for our analyzing and soon she was back on in the air looking better than ever.

Can This Be You

Over the next few months we are experimenting with a coaching schedule that sees me home the first few days of every week so if you are in the central north island or willing to fly to Tauranga for us to pick you up so you can borrow one of our bikes then make the most of it and come see us. You can be sure to leave with skills that will see you closer to your riding goal than ever. 

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