28 November 2018 / featured

The Ultimate Goggle?

Roll off systems for goggles can be great, except for two major things- field of vision and reliability. Scott has come up with a way to fix both of these incredibly well.

I moved to Scott goggles when they first introduced the WFS50, which I assume is short for their 50mm Wide Frame System. Most roll offs are more like 35mm, but in racing conditions I really struggle with such a narrow strip of vision. Ruts are especially difficult when you have lost peripheral vision above where your eyes are looking. The 50mm feels heavenly.

Worth The Wait

Hours of testing in a racing environment was time spent wisely. They were careful to wait until the reliability was up to scratch before getting them our to the masses. A tear off ban has been causing massive problems for racers both here and overseas over the last few years as other systems struggle to keep up, especially when they are trying to get a thicker strip of vision.

All of this would be no good without a good fit, which also got refined. This was crucial to me or I couldn’t really use them. Now they fit my helmet and face nicely, aided by three layers foam for comfort and getting rid of moisture.


Something extra about this goggle is that you can easily convert it straight back to a tear off system. The plastic canisters can be easily taken off, leaving a lens with two posts on each side. They have also embraced the awesome laminated tear offs in packs of seven, meaning it is possible to have something like 21 chances at full vision. I really wish they had all of this in my early days of racing. Kids are lucky these days!

All of this is capped off with curved lenses that are close to your eyes to avoid distortion yet provide the protection you need. There is so much more I could add, but suffice to say that it is awesome. I am looking forward to my next muddy race, literally.

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