1 August 2013 / Broxy Coaching

The Waikato Rides Again

It might have been just one session, but it was a goodie. Five keen teenagers descending on the Prosperity Tree MX track where we were to see some more than a few flashes of speed.

To start with we had a freshly torn up track, having been venue for a round of the Matamata club champs just days before. Groomed and dry, the boys were spoilt. Myself included.

The skills were kept tight, starting with tight knees to encourage aggressive braking before moving on to the Villipoto style cornering I spoke about in the last DRD magazine. Did it work? Well those two things took up half our session but by the time we were ready for a break there had been a big turnaround, this style transforming the inside line from what had been cutting up horribly in their old style into a pretty sweet thing. And the boys were justifiably happy.

From there we smashed out the hot laps under stopwatch, changing up lines and attack plans until full bore seemed normal. Of course they were stuffed by the finish. It was a sweet thing. Another venue that we would like to make the most of over the next six months. Thanks Greg!



Hamilton Time

Tucked just out of sight from the main highway on the verge of north Hamilton lies a Boss looking trucks, and a short but ideal coaching track. With four corners like one of our Honda Kids Camp sessions but with two fun table tops and a few berms, this little gem was the perfect place to build skills and confidence for everyone from the very green like Connor having one of his first ever rides, to a proper fuel-in-the-blood racer like Scott Daubney. And half an hour on a mini loader was all it took for the track owner to build something extra special at the same time.

Scott and I hammered out the essentials of sitting and standing with impressive results. It was a good session, followed by an even better one because of the simple fact that for all logic it should have been a challenge. To the delight of all involved, young Rhys and his friend Josh over came any form of trepidation seemingly on their first glimpse of the simple track, warming to me quickly and going on to have an awesome learning session with quick lap times to prove it. But the day wasn’t over yet.

Passing the Test

Passing the Test

Cleaning Up

Both brand new to their bikes and showing it with some fairly rough moments, Mitchell and Connor went on to master not just their turns and straights with some serious centralizing work, they also sorted out their clutch control enough to start in whatever gear they wanted, much to the relief of their parents. Their times might not have been as quick as the previous two riders but their improvement over our two session was massive.

Finishing up for the day was Sam, a family I had gotten to know through the Honda Kids Camps. While his brother had the time of his life climbing all over the big machinery surrounding our venue, Sam must have done a hundred laps as his riding skills and confidence grew. While all this was going on the land owner had broken out his mini loader and proceeded to create a small “Enduro-cross” section with some logs, dirt and mighty big tyres. And by the time his son was ready to ride it, so were we.

Satisfied that the boys were standing low to the bike and powering over the practice log, they proceeded to nail it. The highlight caught on video as Carter then went on to conquer the big tyres not once but twice. Unfortunately, as can be a part of this game, it did catch Sam out on his third go, however there is no doubt he can claim the glory. Now that we have a venue, we will be seeing much more of the mighty Waikato.

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