17 October 2019 / Broxy Coaching

The Wonder of Alternating Camps with Individual Sessions

I was spoilt right from the start. After a good nights rest in the recently modernized little town of Ruatahuna, my travels got me close to some wild deer before being blown away by the beauty that is Lake Waikaremoana. This is the deepest lake in the north island and yet the incredibly windy road keeps all but the hardiest tourist away.

To camp or not to camp?

Normally heading to Wairoa means two days of camp coaching, but we wanted to try something different and offer individualised coaching to this neck of the woods. Individual sessions get each rider fully engaged in what they need to work on, while camps give the riding time to make it a habit. I think in the future we will try to alternate what we do. It just seems to work so well and when you are working with a local team spirit like this you really can’t go far wrong.


Soon I was kicking things off with young Pippa, but by starting her out slowly we managed to get her younger sister in on the action as well. They went from almost being to scared to ride to a pair of little demons that we had to keep pushing off the track while I coached their dad in our next session. Individual attention is where it’s at!

Teen Spirit

The goodness continued that afternoon and then the next morning as the two teenagers I normally coach as a part of our camps were now given my world. As you would probably know, this is where attitude plays the key role- and they had the best attitude possible. I think we made more progress in this 2.5 hours with Logan than I have gotten out of our last three camps with him.

That was only a small glimpse of what we got done, but it really slammed home the importance of a mix.

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