31 May 2012 / Broxy Coaching

Drury Calls

How to ride your couch

Why little birds are said to tell people things is a mystery to me. Whoever these little birds really were, they had hit full song about our Saturday in Southern Auckland.

It started with a guy named James who had four friends lined up. Soon two more had joined, followed by a pair of others who took that afternoon. Soon even this group had maxed out at five riders with more waiting in the wings. If this is a picture of how off road motorcycling is doing then this Avairy is doing just fine.

James’ group were all new to the BRC experience which was just fine with me. What wasn’t new was some convincing to get them sitting forward on the seat and relaxing into the turns, with little doubt that the skills were working. A new addition was the electronic sign on and video playback of our new iPad, proving itself to be instantly worth its expense  with even the coaching logs being sent through email with video or photos included before I had even left for home.

Eventually the fun had to end, and start all over again with group two; a bunch of quick young MX riders with their sights set on the sky- partially because of the bi-plane above us giving an aerial show packed with his own version of what us ants were doing on the ground below. Keeping speed through the jumps and berms was key; accomplished with the help of body movement, and lack of rear brakes at every opportunity. Even Ethan, younger son of the Ross clan, proved he could lay down the heat with rut speed to rival the big bikes.

The lesson learned? Make more Saturdays available for AKL!

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  1. Steve Southall,

    Nice pic of me on the couch! The coaching came into its own when the mighty DRZ400 took on Desert Storm. I think I was the only guy there with a number plate. The DRZ was hard work in the muddy ruts due to its weight, but the rest was a breeze with the tips I picked up from coaching. Thanks, and yes I’m still sitting forward…

  2. Peter Broxholme,

    Hi Steve, Great to hear- especially the sitting forward part! Glad you are enjoying some relief, riding well certainly doesn’t have to be hard =) Keep it up

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