1 December 2010 / Broxy Coaching

To the ends of the earth

If we aren’t planning on coming to your area, but you are sure you could get a few people together, just let us know! The Bruce family didn’t let our schedule stop them from seeing if Broxy could do a day with them way up near Springs junction, just an hour inland from Greymouth. With very short notice there was still a group of six on cousin Keiths track, a supercross type set up with a great flow to it. So Broxy had to have a ride.

The boys were jumping lower and carrying mad speed through the berms in no time but young Deli was probably the most stoked, getting every jump on the track done including the nasty looking gap jump.

The boys then headed up the hill to conquer a big new hill climb but it got them first! By that time the heat was pretty intense so a trip to the local water hole was definitely in order.

Not the plan

Back on the road Broxy made his way to the Backflips Supercross track in Timaru for some supercross training. Tom Young toughed it out with a sore ankle while Josh Batchelor worked his way up through the jumps. Unfortunately it was one of those things that didn’t really work, especially when a soft upramp put Tom short and over the bars rather suddenly. Hopefully the lads got something out of the whoops at least, staying forward and using constant power in fourth gear made a big difference.

Titri Time

After letting the body recover a bit following the Dunedin Super X, Broxy brought a top national junior rider to Titri– Campbell King. He was really at home there but singling out one section they got his aggression in the safe bits back up to its peak. He was pretty stoked on it and the stopwatch told them why. Then he could show Broxy around some of the trails and hillclimbs through the Tea trees, good times.

Regan Turner and Caleb Warren are competitors on the track but both recieved their share of one on one coaching to increase ones technical skills and smoothen out the others raw speed. Mission accomplished on both fronts at least for now, it will be interesting to see how things continue…

Woah there Tiger

Although we didn’t organise the Balclutha training through the club, Broxy was still kept busy with three one on one’s and a small group session for the first day. And next time we will be sure to knock on the club door.

Michael Beattie was first up, showing he is now in control of his 85 and not the other way around. It wasn’t easy to get on that front brake and be patient on the gas but it didn’t take long to see him get the turn done early.

Josh Telford, Fletcher Benington and Ollie Kenny on their 85’s joined Jarrad Pryde where they sussed out their jumping and rut skills- basically body position and lever use! After that a young Tom and Josh hit it on their 50’s before Brady brought his vivid imagination to the table. Who would have thought that imaginary Tigers in a jungle of thistles would help a rider rail a berm?

Grease Monkey

The free day saw Broxy donning a set of Balclutha Honda overalls and getting busy on his Blue Wing South Island bike. It got a full top end including valves for its birthday, looking and sounding nearly as good as new.

“Thursday 25th – Gore” was on the sheet next for a full day organized by Mark Robinson. Seeing Broxy’s schedule Mark stepped in an made a few noises about getting a group together for a spare day between Balclutha and Invercargill. Soon he was having to put a cap on the numbers, if half the people end up booking in for the January trip we will be needing more days to coach!

Too much!

Mark’s son Matt was first having recently got 6th in the NZ Nationals and now moved to the 50SX. He was looking extra good by the time we finished, mainly getting on the gas and then front brake very hard down the straights. Time would fail to speak of all of the four other groups that day but what stood out were 85cc riders leaning into the hill to gain traction of slippery offcambers to national level riders making a huge difference to their berm and rut confidence. A very cool day and thanks to the land owner for letting us use the venue of one of the rounds of the southern series.

Rising talents- and temperature!

Finally Southland met at Mike Bells freshly ripped track near Winton. Similar to the day before there were odd sprinklings of rain just to keep the temperature and dust down, something that was much appreciated. Kruz Carter and Nathan Rhind had their seperate sessions where the young lads showed the great increase in their riding ability of late. It is great to see how much these guys are improving and then refine things even more.

Matt Adams joined Todd Keown and Matt McKenzie for a final rundown. The doubles were first jumped, then seat bounced, then soaked as the two Matt’s got into it, then Todd had his turn at demolishing the top berm nearly as good as the rest of them. From the feedback since then we have been doing something right and looking forward to our next trip down during the Honda Kids Campout in Waikaia.

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