3 January 2011 / Broxy Racing

Toks Super X

Top 3

In rolling sheets of misty rain went the hope of a full stadium and dry track at Tokoroa this year. However a solid crowd of hardy supporters still turned up to be entertained by some of the most exciting racing around on a track that was dry enough to clear all the jumps yet so slippery in the corners that the whole track was up for grabs with most riders choosing to protect the inside line which came in handy for me later in the night. But first…

To start with was a man on man race to choose gate pick. My race was fun with a come from behind move on the berm after the stutters gave me the lead momentarily but with Craig Smith coming in hot on my inside I pushed the front wheel a bit too hard in the next berm and washed out. Lesson learned I thought.

Gift Horse

The first race was ferocious. I got an awesome jump off the gate, getting an early holeshot. Scotty Columb quickly busted his way into the lead before battling with Brad Groombridge as they would do all night. Mason Phillips was looking good riding the 250’s as well as his 450 class and squeezed by me on a tight 90 degree corner after the main triple however when he tried the same move on Brad in the last lap he must have been stretching it too much as he took both of them down, breaking himself in the process. That gifted me second place but it wasn’t what I like to see happen at all.

Tortoise and the Hare

Having fun

Having fun

I battled through after a terrible start in race two, picking off one rider at a time until I actually made it back to a surprising second place for a brief moment. However I managed to spin up coming out of the same corner I crashed on in the dash for cash and all it took was a tap on my back when to spin me out completely. That time it was too late for much of a comeback.

Nothing to lose

The final race saw a yellow battle out front again with Brad being the victor this time but I was happy with another come from behind ride, taking outside lines which no one else was using seeing as I had nothing to lose. It almost gave me fastest lap of the race but more importantly a solid third place and therefore third overall for the night. Not a bad way to get back into supercross after having a few years off, hopefully warming up to better things.

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