6 October 2014 / Broxy Coaching

Tools of the Trade – Hawkes Bay

It is not hard to see how much our service depends on the support of others. Our set of club coaching days in Hawkes Bay was another example of that. This trip was very similar to what I wrote about in the story Funding for Clubs, which can be found on the Blog page of our website, so I won’t repeat those details. What we can focus on however, are a few of those people and companies that make it all possible.

Check out the view

Check out the view

The Prophet

Having the ability and passion to make an event come together is a special talent that is much appreciated by those of us not gifted in that way. Personally I can’t imagine any worse job to undertake for love, and yet the benefits are obvious. Rick Freemantle has proved to be one of those special people by coming up with a way to access and direct Government funding towards the somewhat neglected sport of motocross, helping 37 kids a few months ago, and another 25 teenagers this time around. He did all the paper/ computer work, made and took the calls, opened up his home to the coach for a number of days and all while asking for nothing in return.

Passing the Mantle

Now that he has done most of the ground work, future events would depend on others taking his place. This shouldn’t be too hard now though as his vision became reality and many parents were able to see for themselves just how much impact this kind of event could have. Even top riders such as Lachie Mills made sure to write “Thanks for the sick training Broxy”.

It was not only Rick who made a great sacrifice for the next generation though, as multiple parents took time off work just to help with the training. An example was Torin Griffiths of Hastings Honda who was there for the entire two days of this last trip, getting his coaching hat on, in order to make sure that the skills were being practiced while I was off tending to the other group.

Big Red

Listen Up

Listen Up

If you saw the picture of the five Broxy Coaching four strokes that make this possible, you can guess who else deserves thanks. I urge you to recognize their contribution though. This is not just some standard “I’d like to thank my sponsors…” kind of thing, but full recognition that I would probably be on my way to becoming a Physio or some other occupation right now if it wasn’t for the support of Blue Wing Honda.

Without even mentioning the extra costs we would need to add to our coaching prices without their help, their support filters right down to the very practical needs of those riders I coach, such as the fact that at one point all three of the bikes that Honda supplies me were being used on the second of this two day training, prompting such replies as Luke Redmond’s “Thanks for the training Broxy and for letting me borrow your 150 when mine blew up”. And just to clarify that statement- it was his 85cc bike that blew up. I have never seen a more reliable bike than the CRF150R, and that is the simple truth.

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  1. George Kerr,

    Awesome day at Valley Road. Thank you to everyone. Can we do it again?

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