3 April 2013 / Featured Events

Trail Fever

The Tussock Buster hardly needs an introduction, a trail ride fundraiser for the Army on their training grounds in the high country of Waiouru, central North Island. This year it became the biggest trail ride in the southern hemisphere with something like 1,700 riders, and we were back for our second year of coaching there.

One of Many Tired Riders

One of Many Tired Riders

Keeping Busy

Perhaps we should have offered a free filter cleaning service with every coaching session, then maybe I would have got worked off my feet  like the Honda crew as they lost count of the number of filters through their doors, while our coaching sessions were just steady.

The best thing about these sessions is how many riders end up organizing another session later in the year, as a part of our normal coaching circuit. This time around one rider did it the other way around, having just joined us in the Wairarapa the week before. With the company of a mate of his we hit the choppiest straight we could find to teach/ reinforce the best skills, which we followed up with some tight turns that his friend started to really enjoy thanks to some tweaks on his style.

Where Its At

Most of the coaching was on the marks of last years circuit, its faster turns mixed with hair pins and a bumpy straight through long grass that could force almost anyone into gripping with their knees. Sue O’Reilly was our most regular customer who ended up getting two sessions for herself on top of some coaching for her son.

Plans are already being made for next years Tussock Buster where we hope to make a big impression. In the meantime enjoy those trails!

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