30 June 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Training Old School style

For our next foray in the Naki/ Manawatu area we advertised three days of coaching, leaving space either side in case we got busy. It was then that the booking flooded in and we suddenly had six days worth of coaching on our hands!


All would be lost if the weather didn’t play the part so it was a nervous start at Barrett road with the rain only just stopping as we arrived. Josh and Adam Loveridge had made it from afar and were joined by a Logan fresh from school that morning. Fortunately the mini track was in great nick and the boys had a ball, especially when riding Broxy’s CRF150R!

That afternoon the main track had its turn and I had been looking forward to seeing the progress I have heard that Zac Hetherington has made. It was too wet for him to show us much of his scrubbing form but he survived the difficulties and got back into flowing with a boggy track. Josh had his work cut out for him trying to stay ahead of two hard charging newbies to BRC in the form of Liam and Taylor, the latter proving she could jump no matter what condition the track was in!


The next morning dawned a beauty which was a good thing considering who was booked in next. Steve of Tricky Dicky Racing had sent the call out far and wide to his Vintage racing compatriots and come up with two full days worth of riders from as far off as Whangarei.

Shining like diamonds in the sun was a line up of beautifully prepared bikes from a 1973 CZ250 ridden by ex NZ MX Champion Paul to a Husky 360 with Automatic gearbox. The one that really stood out to me was the Honda CR250 “M” Elsinore, the first bike to ever be brought out ready to race on the MX track. Loads of history right there, ready to get back to its roots!

You can sum up the two days as two of the coolest days I have ever had on this job. The new techniques went down an absolute treat with feedback from “Broxy you have given us back the enjoyment of riding that we havn’t had for years to the extreme “That is so good I want to do cartwheels!” Off the track these guys were fascinating to talk to as they told stories, enlightened me on the workings of a combustion engine or looked around Steve’s collection of around 60 bikes. Check out the photos on www.broxy.co.nz to catch a glimpse.

After that we had a good one on one session with Ethan Muir before I headed off to Wanganui for the second half of this big week at Darren Patene’s “Manuka Park” near Castlecliff. He has one of the best private set ups in the country and makes for a perfect coaching venue.

original Honda

original Honda

We have seen Kieran before but this was our first session with Nathan on his very cool CR85. The techniques were tailored to battle the bad habits caused by a cut out seat on one riders bike and the overly high neck roll on another, with great success. Then that afternoon an aspiring nationals rider in the form of Hayden Sherman hit the track with great progress showing in no time, soon scraping a rut for his wheels, footpegs and inside foot!

Local organizer extraordinare Anna Cvitanovich got a great bunch of 85cc riders together for the following day. While they all race together there was quite a difference in skills required so the long half day was well used helping them get consistent at ruts and really flowing with another wet track.

That night I cruised stopped by City Honda after having seen the boys at Keown Honda the day before. It is great to see these guys going forward and a great bunch of riders in both shops. Then it was off to Dan Bells house for a visit before staying with James Andersons family in Himatangi before the final days coaching. Cameron and Ashton are trial riders as keen as can be, proving they can overcome fear and front flips to charge sand and slippery hills!

To cap off the trip we had Zac and Rhys Gillings paired up to tackle the track that had tripped them up at the last club day. A case of staying forward and powering through bumps had them looking sharp and from the feedback it worked the following weekend- another case of smile worthy work completed.

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