28 October 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Transformation Completion

To be honest I didn’t recognize him until halfway through our session, when he pointed out the muffler he had pinched off Dads bike. This was the same rider I had given a gentle warning, who had been putting on a very convincing impression of being a reckless hoon just two weeks before but now looked every part the experienced rider with excellent style, great jumping skills and cornerspeed to burn. I do believe strongly in the benefits of coaching but for one and a half sessions to accomplish that much was beyond even me.


There was no denying it, the four Hauraki Plains College riders took a lot out of their short time with us. They had now booked their own special session with Broxy Rider Coaching with very little outside help, which was held on a neat little practice track not far from Ardmore.

“Amping” would be the word after our work on their jumping and cornerspeed, just see the dirt flying off their footpegs in this cool rut to see why. It was the kind of session where I could really focus on how each rider dealt with each skill and there is little doubt that this is the way forward for future HPC coaching days- especially after the noises it sounds like they were making back at school.

Bevan Loving it

For some reason we had an explosion of bookings for our weekend session the next day. We started small with Bevan and Dylan, two MX type riders who we last coached in Auckland a year ago who were now ready for their next dose of “motovation”. Keeping the buzz going from the day before, we had them scraping footpegs and hitting the jumps supercross style- no power off the upramps using their body to keep the bike in safety-land.

Next was a large group session organized by the King of Bling himself with a few new happy-go-lucky riders joining the party. Young Ben “Blitzem” earned himself the new nickname by making a set of whoops look like a Sunday stroll while competition was hot for biggest lean in the days favourite rut.

Stutters Trail Style

The madness didn’t stop there either with an even bigger group to round the day of with a bang, eight trail riders who didn’t take long to find the intensity of an MX track highly addictive. Our first break ended up being a full on moto session before I could round them up for our next talk. Most of them being a very animated group of people they got on like a house on fire, loving the skills and having a good swap around of bikes at the end. I only had to get out the big stick on one rider, helping him, to what I deemed a victory over the whoops section although all would admit they had plenty to think about before anyone could say they truly had them dialed.

Of course none of this would have been possible without the very generous use of the private tracks of the Tau and Ross families. Seeing the smile on these riders faces after their time at each track would have said it all.

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