1 August 2013 / Broxy Coaching

Trident High at Awakaponga

There are benefits to being the local high school to a national standard motocross track. The Trident High MX team are sometimes lucky enough to use the Summercross track for their trainings, and also their Broxy Coaching sessions…

Where its at

Where its at

A recent team member had even groomed the track for them, although it did make for a soft few laps to start with. We split the crew into two halves, started with the less experienced riders and moved through them twice each. Keeping it short and sweet, I was also very focused on making sure that each rider knew they needed to give the drill every ounce of effort.

Suddenly the feedback started coming thick and fast. Especially in the first group as they “got” the jumping style and started doing things they never felt comfortable with before. There was very little apathy, their eyes were alight.

As a finale I gave them some real entertainment by shooting over a berm and practically going over the handlebars on the water drain hidden behind. Completely on purpose of course.  Anyway there was a great vibe as many of them began carrying more speed through the soft corners also, with less effort. Good times no doubt!

The school, club and team organizers should be commended for these kinds of opportunities and I am glad to be a part of it. Lets hope there are many more around the country doing the same kind of thing over the coming years. It is exactly what this country needs.

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