3 April 2014 / Broxy Coaching

Tussocks Done and Dusted

There are three figures we learned at todays’ Tussock Buster.

Busting Tussock

Busting Tussock

Number One.  Over 1,400 riders at a single venue looks impressive. #2, Each rider gets at least 600m to themselves thanks to 230km of trails. Thirdly we learned that just 1% percent of those riders were willing to join one of our coaching sessions.

The Problem

Now of course we are thankful for those that did take part! As usual we definitely helped their skills while they made it fun, however we would like to help more people and extend the fun times to cover all three days of the Buster if possible.
1% is a big change from the 20% of the total number of riders at the latest Rotoiti camp that joined us for a session. It happens that none of the Rotoiti riders were adults, while at the tussock buster it was the opposite with most of them being adults aside from our last lot of keen pre-teens who were fizzing after their session.



We came up with a few thoughts, and we would love to get your thoughts on whether or not we are on the mark or not.
While the training area we have used over the past three years has some good turns and a challenging series of bumps and holes, it looks too much like a flat paddock. This is not what people perceive that they need help with.
It was suggested that we look at running next years sessions in the Army Driver Training area that includes some challenging hills and bogs, should riders wish to tackle them. Basically it gives us more options as less confident riders would only have to tackle that which was closer to their level.
Another suggestion was to set out a series of obstacles in a corner of the camping area that could attract attention as people decide they would like to have a try at that themselves. This may not be viable but it is this kind of visibility that can help get people interested.
Of course there are plenty of other things like times and days, costs and session lengths or group sizes. We would love to hear from you regarding how this service could be improved, especially from those that have joined us in the past.

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