7 September 2010 / Broxy Coaching

Two Bays in Three Days

Reflections of Zac

Reflections of Zac

Drifting the van sideways at full pinned isn’t the usual way Broxy would enter the “Pit Paddock”, in this case a cattle race on the Van Beeks farm situated halfway between the NZ famous Awakaponga track and sawmilling settlement of Kawerau. The exciting drive in was to be our only experience of wetness because to our utter amazement the track was perfect, there was no other word for it. The soil is an extremely porous ash which means water goes straight through leaving only a track full of heavy loam for our rear wheels to push around all day. Which we did starting with a warm up that included Broxy hitting the big jump that young Kees had created. With all that out of the way we could get serious!

Asking a few Q’s to suss out the biggest needs Broxy realized that while Jarrod and Zac had lapped up one of the Toks camps this was their first coaching session and needed some education on what their throttle should be doing for truly fast cornering. Once they got off the gas their turns were way quicker! Leum had done a couple of sessions before this so Broxy got stuck in to his jumping style basically to get the bike moving under him.

Roll up Gisborne!

A last minute postponement meant our first session in Gisborne will have to wait another week but look out if you know anyone in this area and let them know, September the 14th is when we will be hitting the first city to see the sun!

Back into the swing of things BRC hit the Hawkes Bay at the Ashtons farm just north of Waipukurau where the track was looking rather moist- until the owner Paul redirected him to option number two on the gravel flats close to their river. Talk about day and night, apart from three puddles this place was traction mecca for the half day session with Hadleigh showing his growing confidence and Tayla enjoying the challenge. There are six riders in her family which might explain why it took a while for her to finally get the coaching after so many of her friends had done it!

Team FMX

You might have heard of a group that call themselves Team FMX and done a re-take on their name. No, they don’t do freestyle but are a quick bunch of riders supported by local parents and businesses to give them every chance to excel- an example of what every riding community needs.

We had a ball in getting them up skilled and faster not only in their cornering by separating out their braking, turning and powering but also in the air, staying lower by standing taller at the base of the jump and overcoming a tricky little double- in both directions! The demonstrations from Broxy were fairly intense as he was loving the grip in the corners, laying the bike in hard and practically backing into the turns.

This is where we will be holding our Hawkes Bay camp using the huge FMX Marquee hopefully where we could camp right beside the river with two great tracks to choose from, the boys and girls we coached this trip will probably be the first to book in!

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