2 May 2018 / Broxy Camps

Two Day Camps to the Extreme

Two thousand kilometres travelled. Three camps of two days each. 74 riders upskilled and kept safe. It was an epic school holidays, with one game that brought it all together.

Dylan Style

My team was the best I’ve ever had. Proven to be exceptional at the summer Awhitu camp, I can confidently split the groups into two halves and float in between. Dylan and Jordan know the skills well, having coached both of them for almost ten years, and are proven examples of the speed that those skills produce, both being national level riders. Comments from parents included calling one of them a “Mini Broxy”, with safety consciousness and the ability to relate with kids adding massively to the value we could provide.

“We’ll Sort ‘Em Out”

We started by heading to the Palmerston North area, where Dylan will be posted for the next year or so for his Army Officer training. He got a preview at just how good his selection of tracks will be. Flipps was brilliant, able to handle the copious amounts of rain that the track was given before the camp, and what we got overnight between days.

He also introduced a tweak to our spotlight games that added a whole new dimension. Officially called “Can-off”, it is basically a version of Go Home-Stay Home that made our spotlight games much more intense and fun. Unfortunately we lost Dylan for Awhitu as he had ANZAC duties to perform, replaced by some great help from Phillip Shepherd. Jordan did all three camps, plus the bootcamp afterwards, with nothing ever being too hard. It was seriously good help.

Quiet Time

A massively unexpected bonus was at Awhitu, when I was wondering why the riders were so quiet. I walked around the corner to behold all the riders sitting in a little group for “Storytime with Coleman”. The riders took turns standing and telling really funny stories about the dumb things they had done, increasing their self confidence as they faced the crowd and made them laugh. I think this will have to be a new tradition.

As for the riding, it was pretty epic. From the “Supercross paddocks” at Awhitu to the hidden gem that is Wairoa, these guys and girls were truly spoiled. Long may these camps continue as we keep doing our part to grow the sport.

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